Premium delicious treats.

Local refugee chefs. 

Breaking down barriers one snack at a time.

The Baklava

Layers of crispy phyllo dough and chopped walnuts held together by cane sugar syrup. Baked to perfection. It’s a traditional delight with a modern twist: our baklava is 100% vegan.

The Chefs

Nieda has always held a love for food and cooking, but not everything has been as constant in her tumultuous journey. Read about how she came to be in New Haven below.

"It was amazing!! Everyone loved the baklava."

—  Alice Park, Havenly catered AASA study break

Butteries to sell refugee-made food

"The proceeds from your late night snacks at a Yale college buttery may soon go toward helping local refugees. The Yale Refugee Project's employment team, which formed last semester, is testing out a new way to assist local refugees . . ." 

Yale startup employs and empowers refugees

"When Caterina Passoni ’18 first crossed paths with Nieda Abbas, an Iraqi refugee and mother of six, as her English-as-a-second-language teacher, Abbas had been unemployed for five years, living on cash assistance and unemployment benefits amounting to just $700 a month . . ." 

Yale students, refugees join with delicious results

"The name “New Haven” is a perfect way to describe a place for refugees to find a new home . . .The city of New Haven also would not be the place it is without its biggest, most obvious resident, Yale University. When the two forces join, the results are delicious . . ."


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