Havenly in the News

Yale startup employs and empowers refugees

"When Caterina Passoni ’18 first crossed paths with Nieda Abbas, an Iraqi refugee and mother of six, as her English-as-a-second-language teacher, Abbas had been unemployed for five years, living on cash assistance and unemployment benefits amounting to just $700 a month . . ." 

Refugees Craft a Self- Sufficiency Recipe

Nieda Mohammed Ali Abbas, Faten Natafji, and Hala Ghali, are the bakers of Havenly, a new nonprofit in New Haven that provides job training for unemployed refugee and immigrant women through kitchen-based fellowships. The fellows make baklava that Yale students deliver to both local cafés and Yale venues.

Yale students, refugees join with delicious results

"The name “New Haven” is a perfect way to describe a place for refugees to find a new home . . .The city of New Haven also would not be the place it is without its biggest, most obvious resident, Yale University. When the two forces join, the results are delicious . . ."

Food Change

"It was Nieda Abbas’s home cooking, more than anything, that got Caterina Passoni through her first year at Yale. Passoni was assigned as a “cultural companion” to Abbas’s teenage daughter through a volunteer program at New Haven’s Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) . . ."


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