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Beautiful Day Granola

 Beautiful Day Granola

Dwight Hall at Yale

Dwight Hall at Yale is our fiscal sponsor. It is a student-run, staff supported public service and social action organization a Yale University. Dwight Hall exists as a place to cultivate student leaders invested in ethical productivity, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Dwight Hall promotes a culture of action and reflection that encourages student leaders to share best practices, learn from successful leaders, and collaborate on solving societal challenges. Dwight Hall features over 90 student-run member groups that engage 3,500 students each year in service and social justice activities.

Community Partners

JCC of Greater New Haven

The Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater New Haven provides a space for programs and services to satisfy the social, cultural, educational, and recreational needs of community members. We are grateful that the JCC provides Havenly with a space to bake commercially, organize classes for our fellowship, and connecting our fellows to the greater New Haven community.

 Beautiful Day Granola

Beautiful Day builds onramps to employment and economic self-sufficiency for refugees through business innovation. By aligning a need for job-training with consumer demand for socially conscious products, we are developing practical, efficient, community-oriented ways to integrate and welcome refugees to our society.

Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS)

IRIS helps refugees on the road to self-sufficiency by providing lifesaving support during their transition to life in the United States. Refugee resettlement is a demanding, self-help program with only modest funding from the federal government, but with support from the staff at IRIS, together with the community, most refugees quickly adjust to their new country and become self-sufficient. Just as quickly, these new Americans add value to our community through cultural enrichment, diversity and economic growth. We have found that refugees make wonderful neighbors. 

New Haven Financial Empowerment Center

Mayor Toni Harp launched the Financial Empowerment Commission in March 2016 as part of an overall strategic vision to build the financial stability and knowledge of New Haven residents with low incomes. The commission members offered a range of insights and represented key financial stakeholders, including City agencies, nonprofits, funders, financial institutions, and government officials. The commission’s work  complements the recommendations offered in the City Transformation Plan.

The commission has developed this interactive financial empowerment website with regularly updated information on banking/credit union options, budgeting, housing, debt and a resource guide. Financial education classes and counseling  are offered at the Opportunity Center. In 2017, free professional one on one counseling will enable residents to address their financial needs and plan for their future, at the Opportunity Center and in concert with a small network of service providers in New Haven.

Workforce Alliance

Workforce Alliance is a policy and oversight organization responsible for creating a comprehensive, community-wide response to the challenges of building a highly skilled workforce. Through the coordination and administration of a variety of employment and training initiatives, we have prepared thousands of individuals for jobs and have assisted numerous employers with training and employee transition.

With a majority of leaders of local businesses and industry, Workforce Alliance has worked closely with business organizations, local elected officials and community leaders to meet changing local needs and shifting national economic and workforce trends. The Alliance serves the residents and businesses of South Central Connecticut.


Collab’s mission is to equip local entrepreneurs with confidence, resources, and skills to build ventures that can contribute to the vibrancy of our community or simply become more empowered, connected, and confident agents in our city. Economic and community development can incorporate the needs, perspectives, and assets of all of us.

Therefore, we prioritize serving people of color, women, and immigrant entrepreneurs because economic opportunity through entrepreneurship should be accessible to everyone. We aim to help activate the power of these entrepreneurial leaders, because we believe they can most effectively address the inequities and injustices that exclusionary economic policies can deepen.

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